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Every day, billions of people are on the go in emerging markets—places with expansive public transport networks and informal economies—without reliable data to inform daily needs. Before WhereIsMyTransport, there was no central source of mobility and location data for these markets, despite their size, value, and growth.

WhereIsMyTransport helps people understand movement, place, and opportunity in high-growth emerging markets:

  • We map entire public transport networks
  • We generate real-time alerts from road and mobility networks
  • We identify where public transport users begin and end their journeys
  • We produce point of interest data from centres of economic activity

We keep this data accurate and up to date through in-market teams and our data management platform, helping organisations identify opportunities, evaluate, analyse and inform, and create user experiences that empower people to get where they need to go. Discover our products


WhereIsMyTransport is an industry-leading technology company and central source of mobility and location data for emerging markets. Our data assets help clients develop new business in high-growth markets, and our public transport app Rumbo improves mobility in places where people once lacked reliable information.

Comprising Transit Data, Real-Time Alerts, Origin-Destination Data, and Point of Interest (POI) Data, our data makes it possible for businesses and institutions to understand transport networks and the informal economy, and tap into the vast opportunities within them. We're trusted by industry leaders like Google, the World Bank, and WSP.

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Mexico City’s complete formal and informal public transport network

Trusted by

Toyota Tsusho
The World Bank
Harvard University
UN Habitat

Our experience

Our data production methodology is built for emerging markets.

We deliver complete network data from every mode of public transport, of every operational style. We digitalise place-based information from the locations people value. We deliver up-to-the-minute alerts from road and mobility networks to inform decision-making in real time. And our dedicated local teams keep that data fresh.

Our work began in Africa, mapping some of the most dynamic public transport on the planet, before taking our expertise to Latin America, Southeast Europe, and South and Southeast Asia.

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Our innovative solutions

Our data management platform is purpose built to digitalise information from the dynamic public transport networks, centres of economic activity, and road networks of emerging markets. Our data production methodology is informed by an extensive global programme of ethnographic research into consumer behaviour in emerging markets. This combination of products, playbooks, and people delivers high-quality data that makes smarter solutions to real-world problems possible.


We’re constantly developing and adapting to capture new data in our markets. Turning data into valuable information for our clients, we help them create enriched user experiences and deliver smarter solutions informed by a mobility and location data offering unrivalled in its accuracy and completeness.


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