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Making the invisible visible

WhereIsMyTransport is an industry-leading technology company and central source of high-quality mobility and location data for emerging markets. Our global team produces and maintains the world’s most complete and accurate data assets—Transit Data, Point of Interest (POI) Data, and Real-Time Alerts—in emerging markets. Our data improves the public transport experience for our consumer product users, and helps our clients develop new business in high-growth regions.

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Any business looking to tap into high-growth emerging markets will find their task made much easier—and more fruitful—by teaming up with a trusted and experienced partner.
Devin de Vries, CEO of WhereIsMyTransport

Our story

Cape Town beginnings

WhereIsMyTransport began after our co-founders spent one day too many waiting for a delayed university shuttle, not knowing when it might show up. Quickly realising that missing public transport information was a problem bigger than one route, it turned into a journey that would reach far beyond campus.

This experience sparked the idea for a business that would impact millions of people in the Majority World, digitalising routes and related data to help people understand movement, enter new markets, and get from A to B successfully.

Silicon Valley experience

Our co-founders worked hard to innovate. After being awarded national champions at the prestigious Microsoft Imagine Cup, the next logical step was to refine the business strategy in Silicon Valley, an experience that cemented our commitment to producing data and developing solutions for emerging-market cities like home.

We set about building a team to design and develop the products needed to produce data emerging markets, in global-standard formats that others could easily access. We wanted to help people living and working in emerging markets get the information they need, when they need it.

In short, we wanted to make emerging-market cities like Cape Town and Mexico City as easy to understand as London or Tokyo.

From London to the world

Today’s WhereIsMyTransport was founded in London in 2015, connecting our business to growth opportunities, talent, and capital markets. Now, the team has expanded and we’re fully remote, but there’s been one constant throughout our journey: we remain committed to producing high-quality data to empower people to get to where they need to go.

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Our mission

We empower people to get to where they need to go. How? By producing and maintaining data assets like Transit Data, Point of Interest (POI) Data, and Real-Time Alerts. For us, empowerment is about equipping people with the information they need to succeed—data you can rely on.

Our data improves the public transport experience for our consumer product users, making the invisible visible by connecting commuters to information that previously wasn’t available. Access to our comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate data assets helps our clients develop new business opportunities in high-growth markets, grounding their decisions in reliable data.

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Using unique tools, on-the-ground expertise, and smart methodology, we produce unrivalled multi-layered mobility and location data in emerging markets. See how our data offering can help you deliver impactful projects.

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