Journey Planning

A Safe, Accessible, and Integrated Service Vertical for the University of Cape Town Shuttle Service

The University of Cape Town is one of the largest universities in Africa, with over 32,000 staff and students. With a central campus perched high on the slopes of Table Mountain, and scattered campuses across the city, the university’s internal shuttle service is a crucial part of the community’s infrastructure. Since 2009, the Jammie Shuttle has used WhereIsMyTransport technology. As their needs evolved, so did our understanding of the industry and what products could really provide operators with value.

Today, the Jammie Shuttle uses a lightweight version of the WhereIsMyTransport platform to integrate tracking data from their vehicles and oversee operations, including schedules, performance, and communications. Their own in-vehicle tracking devices are connected to the platform. This enables digital signboards at Jammie Shuttle stops and locations around campus, which automatically provide riders with route and schedule information, and allows transport apps connected to our platform to list the Shuttle service for users who are part of the UCT Community.

Working with the Jammie Shuttle service has provided us with valuable insight into the needs of transport operators. We’ve also been able to build our platform to integrate private transport networks that serve specific populations with the larger public transport network, making it easier for UCT riders to connect to other transport modes and utilise the Jammie Shuttle service more effectively.

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