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Our platform has powered unique solutions for public transport systems in emerging cities

  • Findmyway

An App to Put the Power of our Platform in the Palm of Your Hand

An App to Put the Power of our Platform in the Palm of Your Hand

Our integrated transit data platform powers apps around the world with journey planning and transport information. Findmyway is our suite of natively designed apps that demonstrate the power of our platform, and help people across South Africa get from A to B.

Findmyway is just one of the many ways the WhereIsMyTransport platform is changing the experience of public transport. The apps are a demonstration of our integrated data platform, but they are just one example of the innovations that platform supports.

First launched in 2013 as the first public transport journey planner in South Africa, Findmyway was re-imagined in early 2015. Launched in the city of Tshwane for the Earth Hour City Challenge, the new Findmyway also showcased how public transport innovation can be sustainable and good business sense: by allowing users to choose journeys based on carbon emissions, as well as price, time, and convenience, Findmyway helped travellers make more conscientious choices and highlighted the importance of public transport in making cities greener. Today, Findmyway is live in seven cities in South Africa and ready to go live in new cities around the world that connect to our platform.