Case Studies

Informing Infrastructure Investment Evaluations in Sarajevo


Engineering firm WSP contracted WhereIsMyTransport to produce mobility data from the trolley bus and tram systems in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This data was essential for informing a due diligence report in support of an infrastructure investment loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

“The better the information we have about how the system operates, the better the risk profile that we can construct for a potential investor.” Errol Tan, WSP

Over 75% of minibus trips in Sarajevo are not completed due to lack of available fleet. This sees passengers waiting for up to an hour only to find the service is not running. Alternatively, it results in passengers choosing other modes of transport, such as private vehicles, due to the reliability of the city’s public transport system.

Mobility data from WhereIsMyTransport was used to create a quantum based on ridership numbers for each of the routes and their transfer points. This information was vital for understanding usage of the trolleybus and tram systems. Our mobility data also informed a cost-benefit analysis, supporting an evaluation of how to improve public transport in the city in a cost-effective manner.

“[City officials] need to see and confirm their understanding of the network. At the moment it is all based on gut feel. But they don’t have the hard numbers to either confirm or deny their assumption. It’s a case of having this information, hard evidence, to confirm their understanding of the network.” Errol Tan, WSP

Digitalising ridership data from the tram and trolleybus system provided WSP and the city with the ‘ground truth’ of mobility in Sarajevo. Our data supported the identification of routes which would benefit from new rolling stock, informing evaluations of induced additional passenger demand and users continuing to use public transport over private vehicles. It further supported demand forecasting and cost-benefit analysis models for fleet renewals, improving understanding of the financial impact of upgrading Sarajevo’s transport system and creating evidence-based recommendations for Sarajevo’s transport network stakeholders.

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