TCT is Powering the First Integrated Transport Authority in an African City

By adopting a transport data platform for all transport operators to connect to, the City of Cape Town is laying the foundation for an efficient and accessible future. Their first-in-kind multi-modal transport app provides unprecedented mobility for citizens and tourists alike, and communication has never been easier.

Transport for Cape Town was the first Transport Authority established in South Africa, with a mandate to make movement accessible, affordable, and inclusive in the city of Cape Town. As a city with multiple transport modes, overlapping public and privately run transport operators, and a mix of new and legacy providers, TCT wanted to make it easy for commuters to use the transport options they already had, while they studied how best to improve them.

WhereIsMyTransport was contracted to create the first phase of the TCT App, launched in October 2014 as the first truly multi-modal transport app in Africa. Users can enter their destination and choose between journeys that combine walking, buses, trains, cycling, or even Uber. Within the app, commuters can engage directly with transport providers and the city, giving feedback and making their voices heard as the Authority gathers data on riders and their needs. In addition to all smartphone platforms, the app is available for simple text-based phones and provides offline directions, which is key for reaching millions of very data-conscious users or those without smartphones. The app also provides private driving directions and points of interest, which is especially valuable for Cape Town’s substantial tourism industry. Read the city’s announcement about the TCT App here.

While the app makes it easier to use existing transport modes, TCT’s wider mission is to integrated, monitor, and expand public transport service in the city. WhereIsMyTransport is working with the Authority to adopt the centralised transit data platform, and citizen engagement, as well as analysis of the system for data-driven decision making.

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