Head of People

WhereIsMyTransport is hiring an experienced and dynamic human resources professional to join its team in Cape Town.

A strong background in talent management and organisational development is a must.

The Head of People will draw from their extensive experience to innovate processes for finding, recruiting, retaining and developing world-class talent as we scale our business globally.

This is a new role, and an opportunity to make a significant impact - working to develop a high-performance culture, and to build a successful, dynamic, distributed team for a tech business with a clear mission and purpose; make use of technology to help billions of people in the world’s largest low- and middle-income cities improve their experience using public transport.

Overview of activities and responsibilities

  • Organisational Strategy and Structure
    • Own the HC strategy aligned to the business strategy
    • Work with senior leadership on organisational design and structure, defining teams and roles to achieve the mission
  • Talent Acquisition Strategy
    • Develop and define a Talent Acquisition strategy and processes to include internal and external recruitment and onboarding
    • Introduce fresh, creative ideas that will reduce the cost and the time it takes to find the right people, increasing hiring success rate
    • Champion diversity
  • Talent Retention Strategy
    • Collaborate with senior leadership to clarify and communicate the organisation’s values
    • Create and curate a conducive culture to ensure dynamic and motivated teams working towards a clear mission and purpose
    • Evaluate and develop a strategy to maximise employee engagement
    • Establish a competitive Employee Value Proposition
    • Create a focus on Employee Wellness
    • Develop other retention strategies as appropriate
  • Performance Management
    • Define and implement a Performance Management Strategy to support the development of a high performance culture
    • Ensure that roles are properly defined and structured
  • Remuneration Strategy
    • Implement a Total Reward Strategy and make package recommendations
    • Salary Benchmarking
    • Incentives
  • Skills Development
    • Collaborate with team leaders to develop a training plan based on organisational needs and recommend appropriate training and development interventions, taking skills and succession planning into account
    • Organise and supervise coaching and mentoring
  • Employee relations
    • Provide advice and assistance to Managers relating to employee matters including poor performance, incapacity, misconduct or probationary matters
  • Policies, Processes and Compliance
    • Ensure compliance with all relevant labour legislation
    • Compile and roll out policies & processes
    • Ensure that employment contracts are up to date with changes in legislation and operational requirements
    • Ensure compliance with the Employment Equity (EE) Act and facilitate the establishment of a representative EE Consultative Forum and the development of an EE Plan and report
  • Reporting and Data Analytics
    • Ensure preparation of the quarterly “People Report” for board meetings and various other reports as necessary

About you

  • You have 8+ years’ experience building high-performance teams and high-performance culture in fast-moving, innovative businesses
  • You bring a strong, international network of relationships and resources that you will use to source the best talent
  • If we asked the people you work with today to tell us about you, they’d say:
    • they trust you
    • you’re very smart - professionally and emotionally
    • where others see problems, you see solutions
    • you work hard - and you work smart
    • you bring positive, creative energy to every conversation
    • you constantly challenge the status quo, looking for new and creative ways to boost performance
    • you’re not afraid to take ownership, and to get things done
    • you’re a brilliant communicator, and an even better negotiator
    • you’re an authority on current and progressive trends in organisational development

…and you can demonstrate all of the above.

About us

We are tackling fundamental urban development issues in emerging markets in order to build the definitive digital solution for sustainable urban mobility.

Mobility remains a critical stumbling block for hundreds of millions of people living without reliable access to public transport services; lacking the basic freedom of movement they need to change their circumstances.

Our award-winning data and technology unlocks information - it makes the invisible visible - and, by getting the right information to the right people at the right time, in a format they love, we are making public transport more accessible, more predictable, easier to navigate, and safer to use for everyone, everywhere.

To be successful, our team of people - around the world - must be as diverse as the populations that use our data and technology to improve their lives, and as inclusive as the solutions we develop for them.

We celebrate difference - race, ethnicity, social background, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation and national origin. This is how we grow…

How to Apply

If this is you all over, please send your CV to [email protected], along with a note that’ll make us sit up and pay attention.

We aim to reply to all applications, but if you haven’t received any feedback within two weeks of the closing date, please assume that we have not selected you to proceed to the next stage.