In-field Project Manager

WhereIsMyTransport is adding a couple of specialist Project Managers to its growing global team of Data Product experts. In this role, you will own the planning and execution of complex in-field data collection projects - mapping formal and informal public transport networks in the largest cities in Africa, Southeast Asia, India, and Latin America.


You will work with our Data Product leadership team - in London and Cape Town - to plan every detail (scope, schedule and budget), and to set clear performance goals and metrics for success.

You will recruit and work closely with a local partner in the destination market, directing them - in turn - to recruit and prepare a local team of project managers, project assistants, and data collectors. Local team size varies, project to project, but will usually include 30+ people, working from more than one ‘base of operations’ in the destination city.

In field

You will be in the field for the duration of the project (usually 4-6 weeks) - training the team, directing and managing them to deliver against clear performance targets, and working closely with support teams in London and Cape Town. You can expect to be travelling for up to 8 months of the year.

You will own the project scope, schedule, and budget, and you will manage these as they shift and change, which they will; constantly.

You will also be a Brand Ambassador for WhereIsMyTransport - meeting with government officials and prospective partners in regional markets, developing new relationships, scanning for new opportunities.


As one project draws to a close, you will wrap up and report on performance, while you begin planning the next project.

Intelligent innovation is front-of-mind in everything we do; it is core to our culture. A key responsibility in this role - and across the team - is the ability to continuously absorb and process the lessons we learn, and to contribute to the improvement of our playbook - our people, process, and tools - for operational excellence at scale.

And you will work closely with our marketing and community management teams to make sure that, as you develop relationships and build a community in regional markets, we - as a business - can continue to engage with these markets, and these communities, over time.

Why do we do what we do?

Because in the Majority World, mobility is still a critical stumbling block for billions of people who live without reliable access to public transport services; lacking the basic freedom of movement they need to improve their life situation.

We’re working hard to change that - using data and technology to develop innovative solutions for sustainable urban mobility. In short, we believe that everyone - everywhere - should be able to get where they need to go using reliable, safe, and accessible public transport.

That’s our mission. And this role is key to its success.

About you

For this kind of work - managing complex projects with strict constraints in unpredictable environments - the kind of person you are matters as much as your relevant experience.

You will be managing distributed teams working in different time zones and different languages, mapping huge public transport networks, most of which have never been mapped before. Every day brings a dozen new challenges. You will spend most days finding creative ways to solve unexpected problems, negotiating with local stakeholders to maintain project velocity and traction, and managing your local team to sustain high levels of quality, performance, and productivity.

What have you accomplished?

  • You have experience managing complex projects - and budgets - with strict constraints, often in unfamiliar environments
  • You speak more than one language, and you have experience living and working in one or more countries / cultures (other than your own)
  • You have experience communicating with remote teams and across cultures
  • You have experience managing large team sizes across multiple locations
  • You are experienced in managing both vendor and partner relationships, from negotiating, through contracting, delivery and performance management

Who are you?

When we meet you for the first time, we’ll ask you to illustrate the following, with examples:

  • You are professionally mature, with a high level of emotional intelligence
  • You’re not afraid to take ownership - authority, responsibility, and accountability
  • You’re not afraid to make decisions, even in uncertainty, and to own the results
  • You think ahead, you look ahead, you plan ahead - you are always prepared
  • You are resilient and resourceful - you do not shrink from adversity
  • You are naturally and fearlessly curious - you enjoy being out of your comfort zone
  • You’re an expert plate-spinner / multi-tasker
  • You keep a cool head, and you remain calm and effective under pressure
  • You are an exceptional communicator - and we really mean exceptional
  • You are all about solutions
  • You are a leader and a listener - you get the best from the people around you
  • You know how to give and receive constructive criticism
  • You are technically proficient - you don’t have to be a software developer, but you need to be an enthusiast, because technology is a big part of what we do

How to apply

This is a highly challenging and highly rewarding role - a remarkable opportunity not only to spend time working in many of the fastest-growing cities in the emerging world, but also to make a real difference.

You’ll be travelling a lot, so please consider how easy / appealing that is likely to be for you, both from a personal (life) perspective and from an administrative perspective - passport, visas, etc.

If you are already interested in / passionate about sustainable urban development - and specifically sustainable urban mobility - that’s a bonus. If not, please do some homework. We are a mission-oriented team - we work hard and smart; so it’s essential that you feel as passionately as we do about the mission.

Ideally, you will be able to spend time in Cape Town or London when you are not managing projects in the field. But because this role requires a lot of travel and in-field work, we will happily consider applications from Southern Africa and Europe.

If the person we’re describing here is you, you’ll know it’s you - and we’d love to hear from you.

Please send us your CV at [email protected], along with a few lines telling us why this is the perfect next move for you; send us something that’ll make us sit up and pay attention.

We can’t wait to meet you.