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New white papers launched exploring the mobility ground truth in Lima, Bangkok, and Dar es Salaam

WhereIsMyTransport has launched three new white papers, helping you gain insight into the public transport networks of Bangkok, Lima, and Dar es Salaam. Across the globe, people use different public transport modes to get where they need to go, and emerging markets are no different.

Did you know:

In Lima, two in every three people use public transport. Every day, commuters make decisions on the go, often sacrificing money, convenience, or time due to the lack of reliable information.

In Bangkok’s central business districts, one in three people use public transport. Commuters combine modes across land and the city’s waterways, relying on word of mouth and their own knowledge to guide them in their journey.

And in Dar es Salaam, 43% of commuters use public transport to travel to and from work. Journeys are often long and unpredictable, with no reliable information to help people make decisions along the way.

In our new white papers, we share key insights from each city, helping you gain a better understanding of public transport and mobility in the Majority World.

Download our Lima white paper

Download our Bangkok white paper

Download our Dar es Salaam white paper

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