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What it really takes to thrive in the hyperlocal economy: Devin de Vries in webinar

The mobility landscape has seen many changes in the post-pandemic world: technology, consumer preferences, business models, and dominant markets. Emerging markets are driving this transformation, with the hyperlocal economy emerging as the new business model.

CEO of WhereIsMyTransport, Devin de Vries, joined Founder and CEO of Geospatial World, Sanjay Kumar, and Director of Sales at, Tara Cordyack, at the 'Mapping Mobility: What it Really Takes to Thrive in the Hyperlocal Economy' webinar, hosted by

He shared:

“Emerging markets are the places where high-growth opportunities are going to be much more prevalent. The overall growth expected in emerging markets over the coming decade will outstrip developed markets.”

“About two thirds of people in an emerging-market city rely on public transport for freedom of movement. And that means getting to work, getting to school, getting to family—you are reliant on public transport for that to be possible.”

“No matter how many hundreds of billions you’ve spent on your product or service stack, unless it has good information to work with, you can’t really meet people where they are, and allow that product or service to actually provide utility to individuals.”

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