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Devin de Vries features in Mobility Innovators podcast in a two-part special

Devin de Vries, CEO of WhereIsMyTransport, features in a two-part special of Mobility Innovators Podcast—a series hosted by Mobility Innovation Lab Co-Founder Jaspal Singh that explores innovation across the mobility sectors.

Devin shares some insights into how WhereIsMyTransport produces data, and our specific context of emerging markets, including:

"In emerging markets, there’s actually more transportation options—from a public transportation standpoint—than in a traditional developed market city."

"If we are trying to represent the local, ground truth, market on market, it means that we need to have a deep understanding of every region where we provide data. And that also means it has to be part of our business operations, and how we run our teams."

"Rumbo is a one-of-a-kind consumer app for commuters in emerging markets. And it is powered by WhereIsMyTransport’s mobility and location data and technology. It’s a culmination of all of the experience and knowledge that we have garnered from data collection in 50 cities across four continents"

To hear Devin's interview in full, click here

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