Transit Data

Expanding our data offering: Transit Data, Point of Interest data (POIs), and Real-Time Alerts

At WhereIsMyTransport, we have always been driven by improving the visibility of mobility networks and emerging economies. Identifying and advancing growth opportunities is challenging when data is incomplete, or unavailable. At WhereIsMyTransport, we change that, offering complete public transport network data from every formal and informal mode in a city - our Transit Data offering.

Today, our high-quality data goes further than ever before.

We now offer Point of Interest data (POIs) for emerging markets. These are locations people value: a wifi point, or a taco stand; a taxi rank, or an information desk. We meticulously collect POIs from centres of economic activity in emerging markets, updated regularly to keep data fresh. Gain valuable insight into the informal economy, inform modelling and planning, and deliver real-world information that matters.

And our Real-Time Alerts can help you adapt to changing conditions. Real-Time Alerts data for incidents and disruptions reduce uncertainty, benefiting road users, businesses, and anyone delivering results informed by the pulse of the city. Our sophisticated alerts deliver up-to-the-minute data that generates valuable insights, and helps people make informed decisions in real time.

Find out more about our complete mobility and location data offering .

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