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Find out what the next decade of growth opportunities will look like in emerging markets in our new white paper 'Navigating Growth'

Did you know: The fastest GDP per capita growth and fastest employment growth are both found in emerging markets?

In this new resource, thought leaders from WhereIsMyTransport explore their visions for the future, and how organisations can maximise impact and harness opportunities in high-growth regions.

Contributors from WhereIsMyTransport include:

Devin de Vries, CEO
Simone Stephens, Director of People
Temba Musa Mazingi, Head of Software Engineering
Kim Fennell, Chair of the Board
Lorena Ruiz, Country Manager - Mexico
Jug Vajarodaya, Country Manager - Thailand
Jonty Sharples, Head of Product Experience
Ellen König, Head of Data Engineering
Mariane Jang, Advisor to WhereIsMyTransport
Jenny Puyo, Head of Data Operations
Julian Hirst, Chief Growth Officer

Additional contributions include interviews with:

Danielle J. Harris, Managing Director of Engagement & Innovation, Elemental Excelerator
Nadim Matuk, Investment Principal, Liil Ventures

Download your free copy of 'Navigating Growth' here

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