Transit Data

The Next Web feature WhereIsMyTransport Bangkok data launch—"Mapping 40,000 kilometers of data across the city in 60 days."

High-profile digital media outlet The Next Web met with Yohnny Raich—WhereIsMyTransport's Head of Data Strategy—to discuss the recent launch of our Transit Data offering in Bangkok, Thailand.

Covering the operational reality of producing data in an emerging market megacity, they note:

"The firm, which specializes in mapping transport data in emerging cities globally, employed a team of 25 locally based data collectors to travel across the Thai capital’s public transit network – including the MRT, the BTS Skytrain , and bus services – as well as the vast array of informal ‘songthaew,’ minibus and riverboat routes that provide the bulk of first- and last-mile services."

Yohnny further adds:

"We’ve developed our own mobile application that enables us to collect all the relevant information – the routes, frequencies, hours of operation and approximate fare payments, etc.”

Read the article in full here

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