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Introducing Rumbo 3.8: New real-time alerts, vehicle directions, and more

The latest version of our public transport app Rumbo is now available for all our Rumbis and Rumbers in Mexico City, Lima, and Bangkok.

Updates include:

🚌 Route planning: Rumbo gets an upgrade with vehicle directions, just like in real life! Depending on the city, Rumbo now includes the vehicle’s final destination or its headsign, helping commuters identify which platform to stand on and which direction they need to go.

📌 Save lines: We’ve added a ‘save’ button to public transport lines opened from Rumbo’s map. This means Rumbo users can easily save their favourite lines, and get notified of new real-time alerts that are relevant to their commute.

🔎 Larger icons: We’ve increased the size of alert icons on Rumbo’s map, making them more prominent and ensuring Rumbo’s unique real-time alerts are easy to find and understand.

📲 New onboarding prompts: New users are now asked what they need most from Rumbo, influencing the journey companion we recommend for them. And a bonus! A lovely new companion in Mexico City means Rumbis now have the option of four companions—just like our Rumbis and Rumbers in Lima and Bangkok have.

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