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Introducing Rumbo 3.9: Plan journeys in the future, get feeds of real-time alerts, and more

The latest version of Rumbo—our public transport app for commuters in Mexico City, Lima, and Bangkok—is now live.

As well as a few small bug fixes, updates include:

🔮 Future journey planning: Plan tomorrow’s journey today! People using Rumbo can now choose the time they want to leave, or arrive. Got a journey happening later in the day or week? No worries.

🚦 Disruption feeds: What disruptions are happening in your area? As well as Rumbo’s time-saving real-time alerts for favourite journeys, Rumbo now includes a feed view of all disruptions happening in the selected map area, so people know which parts of the city to avoid.

✏️ Renaming journeys: Saving favourite journeys helps people using Rumbo get to the journey results that matter most, including relevant real-time incident alerts. We’ve made it easier to rename favourite journeys, in just a few taps.

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