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Rumbo launches in Bangkok—our third emerging-market megacity

We're thrilled to announce that our public transport app Rumbo has launched in Bangkok, Thailand. Rumbo is designed to improve the public transport experience in emerging-market megacities, alerting users to disruptions on their commute so they can plan ahead, save time and money, and find alternative routes to their destination.

“Thailand is Rumbo's third market after Mexico and Peru. Rumbo's purpose is to make travel by public transport more easy. In Bangkok, Rumbo includes all public transport modes, including informal transport like minibuses, vans, and passenger boats on the Chao Phraya River. We're the first application in Thailand to cover both land and water." - Jug Vajarodaya, Country Manager - Thailand, WhereIsMyTransport

Recent updates to Rumbo in all markets have enhanced journey planning and alerts functionality, offering alerts subscriptions for multi-modal journeys in fewer taps. Journey planning has been enriched through new modal filters, and push notifications are now interactive, making it easy to find journey alternatives, or share the alert with a friend.

Today's launch means Rumbo is now active in three markets: Mexico City, Mexico; Lima, Peru; and Bangkok, Thailand.

Read more about the launch of Rumbo in Thailand [th]

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