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Traffy Fondue turns to Rumbo to get critical flooding information to public transport users in Bangkok, Thailand

Traffy Fondue is a crowdsourcing platform in Bangkok for reporting the challenges people face with infrastructure in the Thai capital. Issues logged by users are shared with the city government who review each case and, where appropriate, plan fixes.

Traffy Fondue is also an information feed, sharing disruption updates—including from the annual floods experienced in the city—via an Open API. Looking for new ways to get critical information to people about severe flooding, which disrupts the city more than once a year, Traffy Fondue reached out to WhereIsMyTransport.

Our public transport app Rumbo is designed to help public transport users in Mexico City, Lima, and Bangkok. It provides complete, reliable data from every mode of public transport, and alerts and alternatives for when journeys don’t go to plan.

Rumbo is an essential companion for anyone trying to get around sprawling megacities like Bangkok. It’s the only app with a complete map of all public transport routes and real-time alerts, helping people secure confidence in the journeys they plan, and improve their public transport experience. As users plan journeys, they receive real-time information about any disruptions they might experience on that route, allowing them to prepare a plan B if needed.

When Traffy Fondue suggested we include flooding information in Rumbo, we jumped at the chance. An extra source of disruption data in Rumbo means an easier and more reliable public transport experience for our users.

We're proud to be working with Traffy Fondue data, and to be delivering the best real-time alerts possible for people using Rumbo in Bangkok.

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