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Rumbo and join forces to provide access to competitive health insurance for public transport users in Mexico City

Almost 100 million trips are taken on public transport every month in Mexico City, with people commuting on modes that can be independently run, licensed and privately run, or government run. Coverage and fares change depending on how the mode of public transport operates, and so do procedures and policies if something goes wrong.

“One of the main concerns public transport users have is the risk of an accident on their journey. Although the law requires public transport operators to have civil liability insurance, the reality is that this only covers commuters while they are passengers, and when accidents do occur, the procedures are often cumbersome.” - Jorge Lara, Regional Growth Lead for Latin America, WhereIsMyTransport

Rumbo, our public transport app for commuters in Mexico City, Lima, and Bangkok, provides a meaningful, localised user experience underpinned by WhereIsMyTransport’s unrivalled data. And our users in Mexico City can now access competitive insurance thanks to our partnership with—a health platform in Mexico that includes insurance against accidents and illnesses as well as online medical care.

The most common injuries suffered by public transport users are falls, impact from sudden braking, limb damage from doors or hatches, and respiratory diseases. Yet in Mexico City, less than 5% of the population has private health insurance, according to the 2020 INEGI population census. This partnership between Rumbo and makes it easier for public transport users to be protected, at prices they can afford.

“ provides health protection to millions of Mexicans who do not have insurance and who are financially affected in the event of an accident or illness. This alliance with Rumbo helps us reach people who travel daily on public transport—those who don’t usually have access to private insurance because of its high cost, or because of a lack of clarity about how to get it.” - Diego Muradás, CEO,’s coverage plan provides protection against diseases such as cancer or myocardial infarction, as well as coverage in case of serious accidents and accidental death. Users can also take health consultations online through video calls or messages. This service aims to promote healthy habits, making users aware of the quality-of-life improvements of small changes to their daily routines.

“A benefits programme for Rumbo users is a milestone we have been working towards ever since we launched in Mexico City. Rumbo is the best app for information from the entire public transport network, it’s home to our community of ‘Rumbis’ who share disruption information with each other and, now, it’s a way of accessing affordable insurance plans that work perfectly for the profile of our users." - Jorge Lara, Regional Growth Lead for Latin America, WhereIsMyTransport

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