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WhereIsMyTransport hosts our first webinar: The future of mobility, technology, and emerging markets

Hosted by Devin de Vries, CEO of WhereIsMyTransport, our first webinar brings six industry experts together to discuss how organisations can maximise their impact, and gain a competitive edge, by leveraging high-quality mobility and location data for emerging markets.

Webinar highlights include:

"You have to understand the local market to make a really good product. You have to learn about people, how they navigate their cities, the references they use while travelling. That is something we're perfecting every day."
- Lorena Ruiz, Country Manager - Mexico

"One of the requirements for advancement in deep tech is data. Yet one of the characteristics of emerging markets is data scarcity. Businesses finding a way to uncover new troves of data that can then inform deep tech developments—there is a unique union there."
- Devin de Vries, CEO

"It's always about team. For something as unique and challenging as emerging markets, it may be more about finding an established and experienced partner."
- J. Kim Fennell, Chair of the Board

"Hyperlocalism is about operating in a way that flexes with the local context, which in turn means truly valuing the diversity and skills of your global team, trusting them to tell you what's not going to work in your global processes." - Simone Stephens, Director of People

“Public transport in emerging markets is largely decentralised, and that means there is no single source of truth like we have in developed markets.” - Ellen König, Head of Data Engineering, WhereIsMyTransport

"Technological solutions will have the biggest impact for emerging-market consumers, and yet people are sensitive about how much data costs, how they spend the data they have, and how long they can make it last."
- Temba Musa Mazingi, Head of Software Engineering, WhereIsMyTransport

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