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WhereIsMyTransport announces significant new updates to its app Rumbo to make public transport easier in emerging markets

The updated and upgraded app now uses the company’s unrivalled real-time data as well as user-contributed data, improving public transport for people in the Majority World.

London, 23 May: Mobility technology company WhereIsMyTransport has announced exciting new updates to its groundbreaking public transport app Rumbo, used by over 1 million people in Mexico City, Lima, and Bangkok. Since launch, Rumbo has shared more than 8 million alerts, ensuring commuters can avoid disruptions and arrive at their destinations. Rumbo’s new features include:

  • Daily Updates: No more relying on multiple apps or word of mouth, Rumbo’s Daily Updates feature is one place where commuters can access all the information they need about their journeys—at a glance.
  • Voice Note Reports: Users can now use voice notes—embraced by Gen Zs in emerging markets—to share detailed information with Rumbo, and with other app users.
  • Partner Brands Platform: Businesses can reach a whole new audience within Rumbo, showcasing products, services, and locations, and surveying users.

The hyperlocal app is designed by and for people in emerging markets. The only app to include real-time alerts data from the entire public transport network, Rumbo removes the pain of long commutes, helping people avoid disruptions, and save time and money. These updates take Rumbo even further, making it easier than ever for commuters to understand public transport networks and contribute data from their journeys—for the benefit of all users.

“Billions of people rely on public transport in emerging markets, jumping between apps, websites, and word of mouth on their commutes. Rumbo has fundamentally changed that, giving people all the information they need, in real time, to make better decisions," says Devin de Vries, CEO of WhereIsMyTransport. "These updates make it even easier for people to solve problems for themselves, and even easier for people to share data from their journeys that helps other Rumbo users. Tens of millions of people in Mexico City, Lima, and Bangkok depend on public transport. Rumbo is the only app they need to get around."

About WhereIsMyTransport

WhereIsMyTransport is an industry-leading technology company and central source of mobility and location data for emerging markets. Working in-field in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Europe, and Asia, WhereIsMyTransport produces and maintains an unrivalled Transit Data, Point of Interest (POI) Data, and Real-Time Alerts offering. The company's data assets improve the public transport experience for its consumer product users, and help clients develop new business in high-growth markets. WhereIsMyTransport started in South Africa, is headquartered in London, and has a globally distributed team.

About Rumbo

Rumbo is a one-of-a-kind app improving the public transport experience in emerging-market cities. Rumbo helps people get the most from public transport, alerting users to disruptions on their commute so they can plan ahead, save time and money, and find alternative routes to their destination. Powered by WhereIsMyTransport's data and user-contributed data, Rumbo helps people solve their public transport problems, every day. By tapping into the pulse of a city, Rumbo is enabling a new relationship between cities, citizens, and service providers.

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