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WhereIsMyTransport's work with Rumbo and Data-Pop Alliance features in International Business Times

Global online newspaper the International Business Times has featured whereIsMyTransport's recent project with Data-Pop Alliance , surveying people using our public transport app Rumbo to better understand women's commuting experiences in Mexico City and Lima.

Recent data from WhereIsMyTransport, creators of the public transportation app Rumbo, reveals women are more likely to use public transport to travel than men, making it crucial to call for a gendered perspective in public transportation.

Writing about the findings from our partnership with the think-and-do-tank Data Pop Alliance, they shared:

The qualitative survey revealed that women travel for various things like studying, working, visiting relatives, or just for entertainment purposes. It also showed that 53 per cent of women in Mexico City and 44 per cent of women in Lima, frequently travelled by public transport outside of rush hour. It was also seen that women tend to travel less as daylight fades, due to a rise in security concerns. Data shows that only 9 per cent of women in Lima and 12 per cent in Mexico City travel after 8 p.m. at night. This data contributes towards building a better understanding of women's mobility requirements, perception of public transport, and experiences of gender violence

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