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We believe truthful and reliable public transport data creates opportunities
for individuals and organisations in African cities.

We offer data services and technologies that make this potential possible.

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"WhereIsMyTransport have launched an online platform which they hope can drastically improve the daily commute for people in cities across Africa."

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"WhereIsMyTransport tracked more than 1,000 routes, which it uploaded to its open platform alongside formal transit routes."

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The Guardian

"WhereIsMyTransport has already built a platform providing formal transport information for South African cities like Johannesburg, Tshwane, Cape Town and Durban."

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Wall Street Journal

"New technologies—from big data to mobile-payment systems to geolocation-enabled smartphones—are helping to make some of these informal networks safer and more efficient."

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“WhereIsMyTransport has mapped Cape Town’s transport systems to create an integrated system, incorporating train, bus and minibus taxi routes.”

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“WhereIsMyTransport is on a mission to improve emerging cities’ transit systems through big data.”

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Disrupt Africa

“WhereIsMyTransport has mapped the entire public transport network of Cape Town, integrating data from both formal and informally-run transport.”

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“WhereIsMyTransport’s staff jump onto passenger vans to track routes or mine global positioning data gathered from mobile phones.”

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“WIMT’s aim is to make sure government can carry on it’s work, and serve all the people, to allow a bit of order to enter into the chaos.”

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Next City

"WhereIsMyTransport has already built a platform providing formal transport information for South African cities like Johannesburg, Tshwane, Cape Town and Durban."

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“Thanks to the spread of mobile and mapping technology, these informal systems can be upgraded.”

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Fast Company

“One of South Africa's most innovative companies, for connecting cities, operators, and commuters.”

Press Releases

14 January 2019

WhereIsMyTransport secures additional USD 1.85m funding.

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15 January 2017

WhereIsMyTransport secures £1.2m in seed funding, collects two international awards.

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25 November 2016

Cape Town world’s first city with formal and informally run public transport mapped, integrated and open.

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14 October 2016

WhereIsMyTransport secures £1.165m in seed funding.

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29 October 2015

WhereIsMyTransport wins Global Grand MobiPrize, goes to India, and calls for climate action

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02 September 2015

WhereIsMyTransport raises 12M Rand and opens international office.

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27 March 2015

WhereIsMyTransport and WWF partner to encourage public transport, reduce carbon emissions

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20 October 2014

WhereIsMyTransport launches Africa’s first multi-model travel app

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