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Unrivalled Origin-Destination Data for emerging markets

Reveal movement trends in Mexico City, Lima, and Bangkok with OD Data from the complete public transport network. OD data can be unreliable in places where 80% of trips are multimodal and 70% of people use informal public transport. WhereIsMyTransport changes that. Our public transport app Rumbo is the only app in its markets with data from every mode of public transport. Our OD Data is where public transport users begin their journeys, and where they end them.

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Predict trends sooner in high-growth markets

Millions of journeys have been planned in Mexico City, Lima, and Bangkok on WhereIsMyTranpsort’s public transport app Rumbo. Get ahead of your competitors with quality Origin-Destination Data from these high-growth markets.

  • Identify opportunities by incorporating passenger movement data into models, analyses, and evaluations.
  • Reveal location-based trends from public transport users and modes that have historically been offline and unavailable.
  • Unlock economic opportunity, meet market needs, and have social impact, informed by unrivalled data on how people move.

Origin-Destination Data from WhereIsMyTransport tells you about more than just people’s commutes, advancing understanding of movement, place, and opportunity in emerging markets.

Origin-Destination Data features

WhereIsMyTransport’s public transport app Rumbo is the only app in its markets offering journey results from every mode of public transport—crucial in places where 80% of journeys are multimodal. Our Origin-Destination Data is made up of anonymised journey results from people using Rumbo and features two sets of information:

  • Requested journeys: The fastest itinerary available to a user from the results of their search between a specific origin and destination.

  • Chosen journeys: The specific journey selected by a user from the results of their requested journeys.

With all of this available from a single source, our Origin-Destination Data reflects the reality of how public transport users get around in Mexico City, Lima, and Bangkok.

The most granular data on informal transport available in emerging-market cities, addressing a long-standing and elusive need for planners and infrastructure investors.
Abe Tarapani, CEO, Atlas AI
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Origin-Destination Data attributes

  • journey_request_datetime: The date and time a journey was requested
  • journey_id: Unique identifier for reference purposes
  • origin latitude and longitude: The geographical coordinates of the start of the journey
  • destination latitude and longitude: The geographical coordinates of the destination of the journey
  • modes: The public transport modes available to, or chosen by, the user. Modes appear in the order they are used in a journey
  • journey_type: Whether the data is a requested journey or a chosen journey

WhereIsMyTransport Origin-Destination Data is provided in CSV file format.

Leverage WhereIsMyTransport Origin-Destination Data

  • Transport planning: Plan and fund transport masterplans or other infrastructure, underpinned by accurate, reliable, and comprehensive flow data from a city’s entire public transport network. Learn more

  • Identify economic trends: Unearth economic insights, improving precision by using data from millions of real-world journeys to understand economic trends in three megacities Learn more

  • Inform site selection and geomarketing: Make informed decisions, Using OD data to understand how people move and pinpoint impactful location-based investments in high-growth megacities. Learn more

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Using unique tools, on-the-ground expertise, and smart methodology, we produce unrivalled Origin-Destination Data in emerging markets. See how our data offering can help grow your business.

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