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Pinpoint opportunity in high-growth markets

Leverage unmatched location data for emerging markets, gaining valuable insight into the informal economy, informing modelling and planning, and delivering real-world information that matters. Points of Interest (POIs) are locations that people value: a bus stop, or a ticket seller; a wifi point, or a taco stand. At WhereIsMyTransport, we meticulously collect POIs from public transport hubs in emerging markets, updated regularly to keep data fresh.

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Location precision in emerging markets

90% of WhereIsMyTransport POIs aren’t available from other location data providers. Transform your decision making, empowered by detailed and highly accurate data points from Africa, Latin America, Southeast Europe, and Asia—POIs that only we provide.

  • Enrich location-based evaluations
  • Inform entry into high-growth emerging markets
  • Empower people with valuable contextual information

POIs from WhereIsMyTransport help you build understanding, connect customers and businesses, and achieve your goals.

Point of Interest (POI) Data features

Our attention to detail makes WhereIsMyTransport’s POIs stand out. Local teams maintain data freshness, accuracy, and reliability. Our POI data offering is broad, high quality, and updated regularly. It includes:

  • Infrastructure: Maps and information points, ride-hailing and public transport locations, ticket sellers, pedestrian crossings, and more.

  • Local amenities: Meeting points, ATMs, charging points, and public bathrooms—anything that contextualises public transport in emerging markets.

  • Commercial and social locations: From market stalls to shoeshining services, local restaurants to nearby monuments used for wayfinding.
Data from WhereIsMyTransport provides a key dimension to the planning process that we could not have sourced from anywhere else, especially so quickly and easily.
Anni Beukes, SDI
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Point of Interest (POI) Data attributes

  • name: The official brand name of the business, or the purpose of the POI
  • description: Description of the POI
  • level existence: The level a POI is located on
  • address, neighbourhood, locality, region, admin_region, post_town, postcode, and country: The geographical information needed to locate the POI
  • telephone: Official telephone number in local formatting
  • latitude and longitude: In decimal degrees, not exceeding 6 decimal places
  • category_ids: Classifying the POI
  • category_labels: Describing the category branch
  • hours_of_operation: Opening times, including if it is temporarily closed
  • restaurant_specific_POI_information: Attributes for businesses that sell prepared food, including if take away, pickup, and delivery are offered
  • photos: Front of the business, as a customer would see it

Our Point of Interest data includes market-specific categories—such as earthquake meeting points in Mexico City, or ‘commuter menu’ food stalls in Lima—capturing the locations public transport users value in each market.

Leverage WhereIsMyTransport POIs

  • Inform site selection and geomarketing: Make informed business decisions, Using POI data to pinpoint impactful location-based investments in emerging markets. Learn more

  • Enrich consumer applications: POI data contextualises emerging markets, empowering users with reliable, actionable information on movement and place. Learn more

  • Identify economic trends: Combine accurate, up-to-date POI data with other demand proxies to assess economic impact and opportunity in emerging markets. Learn more

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Using unique tools, on-the-ground expertise, and smart methodology, we produce unrivalled Point of Interest Data in emerging markets. See how our data offering can help grow your business.

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