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Get the full picture of public transport and the street-level commuter experience by working with the experts in Majority-World mobility. Understanding emerging markets can be challenging when the research and knowledge base is limited or non-existent. WhereIsMyTransport’s Research Solutions change that. Our innovative methodologies combine the rigour of social and transport research with the human-centredness of design research, creating evidence-based accounts of how cities and citizens really move.

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Understand the street-level experience

Billions of people use public transport every day in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Europe, and South and Southeast Asia. WhereIsMyTransport is a trusted research partner, experienced in revealing the preferences, needs, and behaviours of people who depend on public transport every day.

  • Make smarter decisions, reduce risk, and shape projects grounded in insight informed by high-quality research.
  • Gain insights into commuter needs and behavioural patterns that are unavailable elsewhere.
  • Enrich your understanding of cities where informal public transport networks are up to ten times the size of the formal network.

Research Solutions from WhereIsMyTransport reveal the full picture of public transport and the street-level commuter experience in emerging markets.

Our Research Solutions

Urban Mobility Reports

A rich source of insights and data that cannot be found anywhere else. Our Urban Mobility Reports include:

  • Mobility network overviews
  • Transport ecosystem maps
  • Modal characteristics and usage
  • Commuter needs, preferences, and behaviours
  • Local trends and outlook
  • Geospatial insights on network coverage, access and accessibility, last-mile integration, demand patterns, and more.

Contextual Research

Our research experts will design and run an end-to-end project based on your needs, or join an existing project. We use our extensive networks in emerging markets to handpick the best local research specialists. Using human-centred methodologies, we decode mobility at street level:

  • The transport ecosystem
  • Information landscape
  • Passenger needs and inequalities
  • Behavioural patterns

The result? An evidence-based, inclusive account of how a city and its citizens really move.

WhereIsMyTransport did an excellent job leading the research and bringing forward a passion for improving the experiences of public transport users.
Ivette Yáñez, Communications & Project Manager, Data-Pop Alliance
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Leverage WhereIsMyTransport Research Solutions

  • Evaluate transport impact: Understand and report on movement and place, informed by research and insights from a city’s entire public transport network. Learn more

  • Identify economic trends: Unearth economic insights, improving precision by using unique insights to understand economic trends in emerging markets. Learn more

  • Shape transport and urban plans: Create masterplans that harness genuine opportunities, informed by research that decodes street-level mobility. Learn more

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Combining our on-the-ground expertise and innovative methodology, we offer unrivalled Research Solutions in emerging markets. See how our research and insights can help grow your business and support social impact.

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