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The public transport app for emerging markets

More than two thirds of the population in emerging-market cities rely on public transport, but lack access to network and disruption information they can rely on. Rumbo, our Android app for commuters, overcomes this, providing a meaningful, localised user experience underpinned by WhereIsMyTransport’s data. Rumbo is the only app in its markets that includes every public transport route—all formal and informal modes. Crowdsourced data further improves understanding, helping people get where they need to go.

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WhereIsMyTransport’s data makes it easier to understand emerging markets. We saw that with the development of Rumbo, now being rolled out across multiple geographies.
Nadim Matuk, Liil Ventures
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Improving the public transport experience

WhereIsMyTransport’s first public transport app in Mexico City, Lima, and Bangkok, Rumbo is designed to help commuters navigate public transport, providing:

  • Complete, reliable data: Information from every mode of public transport—formal and informal—sharing unique journey insights and creating value for users.
  • Journey alternatives: Alerts and alternatives for when journeys don’t go to plan, helping users plan ahead, saving time and money.
  • Personalised experience: Alerts for frequent journeys, filterable transport modes, and journeys shared via WhatsApp and other channels.

For our users, Rumbo is vital for getting around sprawling megacities, securing confidence in the journeys they plan, and improving the public transport experience. Learn more about Rumbo:

Mexico City [es]

Lima [es]

Bangkok [th]

The pulse of the city

Rumbo is a consumer product designed by local people, for local people. Meeting the needs of local communities means Rumbo has established itself as a unique app that users value and trust.

  • User base: Hundreds of thousands of people turn to Rumbo for journey information, and for peace of mind. Rumbo’s lower-income user base have—until now—been underserved by mass-market solutions.
  • Data insights: Crowdsourced data contributions from Rumbo users provide insight into emerging markets and inform WhereIsMyTransport’s data assets—valuable in places where 80% of commuters use flexible, informal public transport.

Millions of people rely on public transport in emerging markets. Our users trust Rumbo to provide them with the information they need to improve their journeys.

Rumbo proved to be indispensable when six Metro lines closed in Mexico City. Its real-time alerts were the fastest, most accurate updates for figuring out how to get around. Nothing else came close.
Devin de Vries, CEO, WhereIsMyTransport

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Unique tools, on-the-ground expertise, and smart methodology get unrivalled public transport insights to our engaged community of Rumbo users. See how our offering can help grow your business.

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