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Data Collection

Digitise public transport information in your city.

Informally run public transport makes up over 80% of trips in emerging cities, but data on these services is rarely available. Data from other public transport modes can lack richness and reliability. Our best-in-industry technologies and processes capture network information for any mode, including fares, frequencies, and journey times, providing you with unique public transport data.

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Data Access

Make decisions and enrich services with public transport data from emerging cities.

Decision making and data analysis tools are both enabled by our unique public transport data. We integrate formal and informally run public transport data from emerging cities around the world, providing access to world-first information which reflects the reality of mobility in emerging cities in the most accurate manner possible.

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Journey Planning

Add value with information from formal and informally run public transport.

Make journey planning services easier with our reliable timetable, frequency, and fare data. Add value to your offering by serving reliable journey planning results - including the option to integrate results from formal and informally run networks.

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"This app allows the City of Tshwane the opportunity to integrate old and new transport services, at minimal cost, to the benefit of daily commuters and visitors alike."

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