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Cities, transport operators, and partners on the ground work with our groundbreaking platform

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A single data platform for a city's public transport ecosystem

  • Our open platform connects live and static data streams from formal and informally run public transport. Any route and schedule information can be collected or connected.

  • With data in one place, communication is simple. Cities can update riders and complex journey planning is available to everyone.

  • Over time, this wealth of information can provide insights for new infrastructure or investments, that influence how a city moves.

Cities & Governments

We work with emerging cities, centralising public transport data on one platform and enabling improved communications and reporting. We work with systems as they are, from informally run taxi networks to high-speed light rail.

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Transport Operators

At the heart of the transport ecosystem, operators need to streamline their data and keep it accurate. We help them centralise on our platform, keeping them and their commuters constantly informed.

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Implementation Partners

We work with partners from the private and public sectors to integrate our platform with existing technologies, and get the right resources and research to our cities.

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