Cities & Governments

Inclusive transport unlocks an economy and makes urbanisation sustainable

From informal taxi networks to high-speed light rail, we work with governments in emerging cities to make their systems more integrated, more efficient, and more accessible.

  • We collect and connect data from formal and informally run public transport, centralising a city’s movement network on one platform.

  • From the data we make information about services widely available and updated in real time.

  • Over time we can optimise transit networks based on what we have learned from the data.

We work with Cities & Governments in three steps

  • 1

    Any city can contact us to discuss the solution that is best for them.

  • 2

    We establish project requirements and stakeholders.

  • 3

    We undertake projects directly or work with partners to deliver our solution.

Accessible public transport unlocks the potential of people and cities. It is key to an inclusive, sustainable society.

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Our platform and data collection services allow cities and governments to

  • Connect

    all formal and informally run public transport on a single data platform.

  • Integrate

    data to provide A to B journey planning and see the network as a whole.

  • Communicate

    with riders and operators, giving updates, delays, or changes where and when they need to be known.

  • Analyse

    rich movement data to understand and optimise areas for investment and for maximimum efficiency.

Citizens will build the future they want, if only they can get where they need to go.

An integrated public transport system helps every citizen get where they need to go. We make it easy for riders to access information when they need it. Convenience, communication, and clarity make public transport an attractive option for everyone: from the regular commuter, the occasional user, and visitors to the city. It can even encourage citizens to leave their cars behind.

WhereIsMyTransport’s platform makes movement simpler to administer and simpler to access.