Implementation Partners

Envisioning and implementing an accessible city requires teamwork

We work with partners to integrate our platform and services with existing technologies and get the right resources to our cities.

  • Our centralised data platform empowers cities and companies to connect, build, and innovate for the future.

  • Our platform technology enables our partners to provide cities with a host of new offerings.

  • We work with our partners to strengthen their relationships with cities and reach new ones.

Already working with city infrastructure and technology?

Our partners provide and implement solutions for governments. An integrated transport solution can enhance your implementations, now and in the future.

These companies have partnered with us to make transport better

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Tomorrow’s cities will need resilience and flexibility in the face of unprecedented change and growth.

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Effective public transport lays the foundation for cities to grow, well.

A single movement platform unlocks the future of a city’s movement. Our platform supplies the technical infrastructure to centralise transit, which connects to any technologies the city already has. The approach enables future innovation: integrated ticketing, traffic control, and Smart Transportation features.

It also gives citizens and cities what they need: information on how to get where they’re going, and the ability to monitor and optimise their networks. Information is power, and we work to help cities realise their development plans.