Transport Operators

Engage data from your movement network for easy evaluation and future planning

Transport operators have the data, and their riders need the information. We help operators centralise and streamline their operations, keeping their customers constantly informed so they can keep moving.

  • We collect and connect existing transport data from any and all sources, integrating it in one platform.

  • From the data, we make information about services widely available and updated in real time.

  • Over time operators can optimise their services based on what we have learned from the data.

We support the format you use

Capture new data without new hardware, and connect your existing system to our platform. Now it's simple to:

  • Problem Solve

    Track problems, delays, or bottlenecks as they happen.

  • Reach Out

    Use any platform to keep your commuters informed and happy.

  • Get Feedback

    Let your users be a part of the network by reporting incidents or damage.

  • Invest Wisely

    Make data-driven decisions that cut wasted costs and achieve your business goals.

Technology, big data, and creativity can bring simplicity to daunting problems.

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These are just a few of the operators who have joined our platform

  • 100GAREYeng
  • Sibanye
  • rea-vaya

Our mission is to make public transport the first choice for everyone.

Clear, convenient communication is the best way to attract and keep new riders. We make it easy for them to access information, when they need it, on the platforms and media they use. Engage with your riders, ensure the quality of your service, and respond to their needs–make public transport their first choice for movement.

WhereIsMyTransport’s platform makes movement simpler to administer and simpler to access