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Leverage high-quality mobility and location data to understand high-growth emerging markets, analysing how people move, where they go, and where your next customers are. For real estate, accessing our data makes informed location investments possible. For advertising, this means finding the best place to serve content, target advertising campaigns, and yield better results.

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Big data for business gains

Leverage unrivalled mobility and location data to target new customers, make better business decisions, and increase impact in high-growth markets. Our reliable data benefits your business by providing you with an understanding of growth opportunities in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Europe, and Asia. With this sound understanding, you can:

  • Reach new customers: Use accurate mobility and location data to understand where your next customers are in high-growth markets.

  • Unearth investment opportunities: Leverage information on how people move and where they go to locate opportunities, and take your business further.

  • Maximise your gains and accelerate impact: Find the best place to serve content, target advertising campaigns and yielding better results.

Grow with data from WhereIsMyTransport

A single source of mobility and location data for emerging markets, we help our clients pinpoint opportunity. Our data assets are in global-standard formats, making it easy to reflect the ground truth in your investment evaluations.

  • Transit Data: Undertake evaluations with an accurate understanding of a city’s entire public transport network. Learn more

  • Real-Time Alerts: Augment evaluations with data from incidents and disruptions on public transport and road networks. Learn more

  • Origin-Destination Data: Understand how people move, pinpointing impactful location-based investments in high-growth markets. Learn more

  • Point of Interest (POI) Data: See the geographical location of services people value, such as ticket offices or bus stops. Learn more
The better the information we have about how the system operates, the better the risk profile that we can construct for a potential investor.
Errol Tan, WSP
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Using unique tools, on-the-ground expertise, and smart methodology, we produce unrivalled multi-layered mobility and location data in emerging markets. See how our data offering can help you position your business.

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