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Develop future-proof urban and transport plans, creating value by meeting a city’s needs, and responding to growth trends. Successful urban planning is no mean feat. By accessing comprehensive, accurate mobility and location data for high-growth emerging markets, you can reduce risk and shape urban and transport planning projects grounded in fact.

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Reduce risk and improve returns, guiding a region’s development by designing plans informed by reliable mobility and location data for emerging markets. Solving real-world problems in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Europe, and Asia means putting smart decision-making at the heart of your urban and transport planning projects:

  • Understand return on investment: Harness high-quality data on how people move and where they go to reduce risk and deliver urban and transport plans with impact.

  • Build evidence-based plans: Use our robust mobility and location data to develop urban and transport plans with unbeatable knowledge of existing infrastructure.

  • Capitalise on real-world opportunities: Deliver data-driven projects that take advantage of the potential unveiled by analysing market trends.

Grow with data from WhereIsMyTransport

A single source of mobility and location data for emerging markets, we help our clients deliver informed urban and transport plans. Our data assets are in global-standard formats, making it easy to reflect the ground truth in your developments.

  • Transit Data: Work with a clear, accurate, and complete overview of a city’s entire public transport network. Learn more

  • Point of Interest (POI) Data: See the geographical location of services, and develop coordinated urban and transport plans. Learn more

  • Real-Time Alerts: Understand incidents and disruptions, informing urban and transport plans that make life less complicated. Learn more
The better the information we have about how the system operates, the better the risk profile that we can construct for a potential investor.
Errol Tan, WSP
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Using unique tools, on-the-ground expertise, and smart methodology, we produce unrivalled multi-layered mobility and location data in emerging markets. See how our data offering can help you harness growth opportunities.

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